Textured French Twist for Short/Medium Hair

Most of hair tutorials focus on hairstyles that require long hair but not all of us have long hair, me for example, I have short ones and I love it! But at the same time I don’t like it when i need to go to a special occasion and keep my hair the same style […]

Chic Side Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorial

When attending a special event, styling your hair can be quite a big problem, but with the right tutorial you can learn how to do that at home without much effort, time or spending a penny. Save it now and use it latter! Leave two side sections out by securing them with hair clips and […]

Low Easy Updo Hairstyle Tutorial

Very stylish and gorgeous low bun hairstyle that iss so easy to do and is great to match with any outfit you have for those big events. All you need is some bobby pins and a hair tie. Long or medium hair will do for this hairstyle. Also straighten your hair before you start this […]

Cinderella Braid Roll Hairstyle Tutorial

Everyone has heard about cinderella story and most of us have been inspired by it in many different ways; for some it can be the final push into taking a leap of faith and follow love, for others it can be the dress, shoes, or hair! This beautiful hairstyle although not the traditional cinderella updo, […]

Waterfall Braided Hairstyle Tutorial

This type of hairstyle is where the retro meets the modern design and where braids get another meaning. The tight plate through the middle with the braid on the sides make this hairstyle look like a magic waterfall. I suggest you straighten your hair before you begin for an elegant look. Follow the instructions below: […]

Mohawk Fishtail Hairstyle Tutorial

You can never go wrong with fishtail because they are always ‘in’ when it comes to fashionable hairstyles but I am sure not many of you are familiar with the steps needed to be taken to achieve the final result; and that’s okay because I never knew how to do one either but today we […]

Maroon and Black Winged Eyeshadow Tutorial

What a way to make your eyes look exotic for evening events such as clubbing or when attending a wedding and you want to get that chic and stylish look without much effort. There is only two colours that you will need and those are: beige and maroon. Black eyeliner, thin and medium brush. Firstly […]

Pink Sparkle Eye Makeup

This Pink Eye Makeup is very pretty and looks truly sexy. It is great for events and absolutely will make you the queen of the night. Just follow these easy steps: Put pink eye shadow over your lid. Then use a black pencil to line the upper lash lines. Use a small brush to spread […]

Glittery Grey Eyeliner Tutorial

If you want your eyes to sparkle for a large event try this different, but then extremely gorgeous glitter eyeliner. Only see how pretty you will look in that your tiny black dress and this incredible makeup. Just follow the tutorial step by step. You don’t need to be expert for making this makeup. Only […]