Valentine`s Day Makeup Tutorial

Hello my beauties! Are you ready for the upcoming Valentine`s Day? I have a romantic cut crease makeup tutorial for you today, which you can wear for the hot date with your lover, or for the party with your girlfriends, if you plan a little Bachelorette night :3 I chose a delicate cut crease makeup […]


Makeup tutorial for your wedding, if you are missing something blue and you are the unconventional type of brides that doesn’t care about putting a bit of extra color in her eyes and say that is her something blue, then this is the makeup you have looking for your wedding day . No matter what, […]

Easy Holiday Makeup Tutorial

For this makeup I used beautiful purple duochrome eye shadows, but you are free to choose any other colour, that will compliment your eyes. 1. Start with a primer, this step is very important if you want your eye shadows to be bright. After you primed your eyes put some white pearl or silver eye […]


Yes, it’s a terrible pun but I had to do it. This cute style pretends to be a braid but really it’s a series of knots. Best of all, it’s really easy to do.Even if you can’t braid, you should give this hairstyle a try. It’s knot as hard as it looks! (and I promise […]


WHAT YOU NEED: Small hair elastic Hair clip Bobby pins (optional) STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL: Brush your hair to remove any knots before you begin. Part your hair in a side part. Start with the Dutch braid that runs along the back of your head. Take a section of hair by your part near your right ear. […]


STEP-BY-STEP Split your hair into two equal sections Holding one section in each hand, take a small piece of hair from the left side and cross it over to the right Repeat, crossing a small piece from the right side over to the left Continue crossing the small pieces over from one side to the […]

Eyebrows, Contouring and Highlighting

Most of the girls have difficulties in shaping their eyebrows. Many of you pluck too many hairs and at the end your eyebrows look thinner. In the past years, many celebrities are keeping their eyebrows thicker because they have a greater impact on their face beauty. Anyway we are showing you some tricks to make […]

Gorgeous Makeup, Trio Liner

Do you want to try a new eye makeup? Are you ready to experiment? In fact, a lot of women try several eye shadows to have a distinctive makeup. This eye makeup is so gorgeous and elegant and it adds beauty to your appearance. It is easy combinable with every kind of outfit. So here […]

Step by Step Blue Sparkly Eyeliner

Sparkle eyeliner are festive and perfect for a night out. You can try it in any color you like, but blue one is more noticeable and makes your eye pop. Before you start with the eyeliner apply some nude shadow to your entire lid. Place a peace of tape scotch on the end of the […]

Double Wing Eyeliner, Step by Step

Winged eyeliner is popular and most of the girls have wear it, but what about double winged eyeliner?! Have you try it at least once? If you want a more dramatic look, or just to show out your artistic spirit than you can wear it. Start as you normally do with a simple eyeliner, line […]