Shape and Contour Tutorial For Your Brows

On this tutorial you can learn step by step how to shape and contour you brows everyday in less that 5 minutes. Filling your brows will make them look fuller and will emphasize your eye and your features .Start by lining below and above the brow line with a pencil similar to your brow color. […]

Light Brown Eye Makeup 9 Steps

1- Apply primer over your eyelid and then using a thick brush apply nude eyeshadow throughout 2- Using light brown eyeshadow and a brush, apply a soft cut crease look such as shown on the second picture 3- Get a black pencil and apply it on your waterline 4- With a small brush apply brown […]

How to Do a 4-Strand Braid Tutorial

Want to try a new braided hairstyle? How about the four standed braid?! It is unique and although it might look complicated, with some practice and time you can learn how to do it yourself. This is similar to the normal braid but instead of starting it with three hair section, you do it with […]

The Easiest Braided Hairstyle

Take a section of your hear behind the hairline and divine it into 3 sections and braid it, secure it with a clear rubber band. Do the same on the other side of your hairs, just braid. Comb your hair and give them some volume, so the hairstyle will look better. Take one of the […]

How to Create a Downton Abbey-Inspired Updo

Get ready for the abbey-inspired hairstyle that is super easy to create and won’t require much time either. You will need an elastic head band, three ponytail bands and a brush. Instructions: -Begin by brushing your hair gently and then devide it into three section. -Secure each section with elastic band and then get ready […]

Step by Step Opposite Pull Through Hairstyle

Having bad hair day or just can’t be bothered doing the full package for your hair? wel,l here is a little trick to take that all away and make your hair glow through to the night. You will only need a few hair ties and some clips. Instructions: Tight your hair back loosely, only tigh […]

Honeybuns Low Updo Tutorial

This hairstyle is quiet amazing on how simple it is to do and the best part is that it has everything you want… class, simplicity and cuteness; You will need a rat tail comb, some bobby pins, hair clip and hair straightener. Straighten your hair and then with the rat tail split the hair from the navel […]

Bright Blue Eyeliner Tutorial for Summer

Get this intense bright blue eyeliner on your eyes without looking ‘trashy’ or over the top! The trick into applying bright colours is balance. When you balance the colours together, everything looks naturally beautiful. Below I will show you some steps you need to follow: -Apply primer throughout your eyelid and then shape your eyebrows […]

Red and Black Fancy Eyeliner Tutorial

A beautiful and exotic combination, this black and red eyeliner tutorial is going to make your eyes sparkle with beauty for nights out with friends, photo shoots or any other special event where you can stand out of the crowed. Follow the instructions: Apply primer over the eyelid and then apply some nude eyeshadow throughout. […]

Carousel Braid Tutorial

Gorgeous carousel braid hairstyle inspired by Disney princesses and all romantic hairstyles that you have ever seen. It might take some time to create but if you have a friend that can help you with the braid then you are all sorted! You will definitely need long hair to create this hairstyle. Instructions: Begin by […]