Eyebrows, Contouring and Highlighting

Most of the girls have difficulties in shaping their eyebrows. Many of you pluck too many hairs and at the end your eyebrows look thinner. In the past years, many celebrities are keeping their eyebrows thicker because they have a greater impact on their face beauty. Anyway we are showing you some tricks to make […]

Gorgeous Makeup, Trio Liner

Do you want to try a new eye makeup? Are you ready to experiment? In fact, a lot of women try several eye shadows to have a distinctive makeup. This eye makeup is so gorgeous and elegant and it adds beauty to your appearance. It is easy combinable with every kind of outfit. So here […]

Step by Step Blue Sparkly Eyeliner

Sparkle eyeliner are festive and perfect for a night out. You can try it in any color you like, but blue one is more noticeable and makes your eye pop. Before you start with the eyeliner apply some nude shadow to your entire lid. Place a peace of tape scotch on the end of the […]

Double Wing Eyeliner, Step by Step

Winged eyeliner is popular and most of the girls have wear it, but what about double winged eyeliner?! Have you try it at least once? If you want a more dramatic look, or just to show out your artistic spirit than you can wear it. Start as you normally do with a simple eyeliner, line […]

Emerald Green Eye Makeup Tutorial

Emerald green is one of the most beautiful and fashionable colors for this season.On this tutorial we will see it as a cute eyeliner because applying it on the whole eyelid would make it to festive. First apply a nude shadow to your lids to create a soft look. Apply the emerald eyeliner gel near […]

How To Make Your Lips Look Fuller, Tutorial

Have you ever thought to make your lips look bigger only with makeup?! Yes, is possible in fact and you can try it anytime. First apply a prime or a makeup base to your lips and around them. Use a nude pencil to outline them, contour them a bit over the natural lip line. This […]

Black And Pink Eyeliner Tutorial

On this tutorial you can see a different eyeliner tutorial which looks cute and fresh. First apply a light pink shadow all over your lid and to the lash line apply a pink pencil. Apply the liquid eyeliner as near the lash line as possible and create a flick at the end of the eye. Add […]

Night Out Eye Makeup-Step By Step

This eye makeup is unique and it may take you some time to master it but if you are the kind of person who like makeup you will find it really joyful. First clean the skin and apply a prime. Is important to prepare your face and the area around your eyes before you apply […]

How to Create a Colorful Eyeliner

Have you constantly found yourself searching for the right eye makeup technique? Have you ever wondered which eye makeup shades will suit your skin color the best, while emphasizing your eye color?We have all makeup tips and tricks you need to make your eyes look sensational. Try this tutorial for glamorous looking eyes for an […]

Rainbow Eyeliner Tutorial

I love adding vibrant colors on my eye makeup, they look fresh and amazing! On this tutorial you can learn how to apply a colorful eyeliner which will make your eyes pop of colors. First apply a white eyeliner (use a kajal pencil) it will be as a base which will keep the eyeshadow in […]